Physical Therapy

The Fitness Factory of Charlottes Sports Physical Therapists get you back to your sports and fitness activities quickly. Combining sports knowledge with orthopedic expertise, we have the latest technology, exercise equipment, and expertise to return you to your sport safely and quickly.

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Matt Crandall is the owner and founder of PowerPhysio LLC, located in Charlotte, North Carolina. Matt’s primary goal in creating his private business is to help athletes and active adults achieve personal goals by resolving acute or chronic limitations that are limiting progress athletically or on a daily basis. He specializes in creating personalized treatment plans that will maximize movement and body potential, ultimately leading his patients toward a happier, healthier and more powerful life. In order to demonstrate everything PowerPhysio can offer, Matt encourages anyone interested in his services to join him for a free “discovery session” where he will discuss and outline an individualized action plan for each patient. His strengths lie in his ability to connect with people from various backgrounds; he is passionate about helping his patients succeed, whether that means enhancing athletic performance or simply being more comfortable on a day to day basis.

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