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When the sun is shining on a beautiful Charlotte day, all the garage doors are open, and the sound of iron reverberates through an old brick building — you can feel that you are training somewhere truly special. Many experts in powerlifting, bodybuilding, football, and the gym industry have said “There is nothing like this I have ever seen” and “This is probably the most well-equipped gym in the world.” That only happens when a small business owner sacrifices so much and pours their heart into the craft. You can find Eileen roaming the gym with her great Dane, Oreo, showing members how to properly use equipment and hanging out. Do yourself a favor and find her out on the gym floor, you will absolutely learn something and be happy you did.

Fitness Factory Owner:

Eileen Jones

Eileen has lived and breathed The Fitness Factory of Charlotte with her loyal great Danes by her side for
over 23 years. She started in a small spot with cracks in the floor, leaks in the roof, and a passion for helping people get stronger. Today, her gym is one of the largest in the world and possibly the largest/most successful female-owned gym ever created. The current state of The Fitness Factory of Charlotte is the culmination of years hand-selecting equipment, trial and error, and connecting with her members.

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Gym H0urs: 24/7 FOR MEMBERS

Staffed Hours:

Monday-Friday: 9am – 9pm

Saturday-Sunday: 9am – 6pm

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