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Physical Therapy

Matt Crandall

Our Mission: To make access to the highest quality orthopedic care easier and more effective for athletes and active adults who have personal goals that limit them athletically or on a daily basis.

Whether it is an acute flare up or chronic limitation, PowerPhysio uses a comprehensive interview and assessment approach to finally identify the root
cause of your problem, put the fire out and create a gameplan for the long term fix.

Simple 3 Step Approach:
1. Schedule an Initial Evaluation OR Discovery Call
2. Complete Comprehensive Evaluation to Identify the Root Cause
3. Put Together a Gameplan That Works For YOU

Why PowerPhysio?

More time: One hour treatment sessions

More attention: One on One treatment sessions

Less hassle: No insurance or corporate constraints

More cost effective: A consistent gameplan and treatment approach means less time and money spent to achieve your goals.

The Long Term Fix: No more jumping from provider to provider or dealing with routine flare ups, a customized treatment plan provides long term resolution of your problem.




Gym H0urs: 24/7 FOR MEMBERS

Staffed Hours:

Monday-Friday: 9am – 9pm

Saturday-Sunday: 9am – 6pm

Come on in during our staffed hours to sign up or grab a day pass